Nature and the wild animals have been my passion ever since I was a kid. It was my grandfather, dad and my family who gave me this passion and interest. My grandfather Olle used to pick me up on warm summer evenings in his light blue Volvo 240. It was the deluxe edition. We drove out to watch for wildlife. It was always so exciting I remember.

Today our guests experience moose and other wildlife in the same landscape where my grandfather took me out in the eighties. I feel the same thrill during every new tour as I did as a kid!

My passion for nature goes beyond guiding our guests in nature. I work active to protect forests and habitats for the species who live and stay there. During the years I have been a part in protecting several areas. There is a big difference between a plantation and a forest. In the forest is the diversity of life itself.

My life is all about showing you this fantastic diversity and expression of life in nature. And to protect it for you to experience and most of all for the sake of life itself.

Welcome to experience nature together with me!


/David Tverling

Naturguide Tiveden